Domain Pricing Increases

  • 23rd August 2021
Our domain registrar will be increasing the pricing for several different TLDs on September 1, 2021. The following table is the updated pricing. The increases should be minimal however you can renew your domain now to get the current pricing which saves you some money! You can even renew for multiple years to lock in the current pricing which will ...
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New Affiliate Program Launches Today at Siteocity!

  • 21st June 2021
We're excited to launch our affiliate program today! Our affiliate program allows any Siteocity customer to set up an affiliate account and earn commissions from new customer referrals. Each affiliate account will receive a unique link that can be shared with potential new customers. If a sale is made the affiliate will receive a part of that ...
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VPS Hosting Now Available!

  • 11th May 2021
Today we're proud to announce a new offering, VPS hosting! We offer a wide range of VPS plans that are capable of meeting the needs of anyone. Our VPS plans start for as little as $0.018/hour! With a VPS you have complete and full root level access to the system, you can install any software you'd like, and all the resources (ex. CPU, RAM, disk) ...
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SSH Access Now Available on ALL Shared Web Servers!

  • 19th January 2021
Today we have made available SSH access to all customers on our shared web servers! Over the past few months we've had quite a few requests for this amenity so we've taken the time to properly research and implement it in a safe and secure way for everyone. SSH access will be provided on a request basis, simply submit a ticket to our support team ...
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